Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions not represented here please send us an email to hello@myaccessmask.com and we will try to best answer your questions.

What are your masks made of?

Our masks are made of a 3 ply 100% polyester principle top layer and 64gm polypropylene filter. They are the only official Ontario PPE Approved clear face-mask, designed for lip-reading in all of Ontario.

Are these masks comfortable / suitable for teachers?

Our masks absolutely are a great choice for teachers, and any other working professionals for whom having an accessible, clear face-mask designed for lip-reading is an absolute must.

Are we able to make custom design or logo access mask?

Yes!  Please send us an email at hello@myaccessmask.com and tell us your name, number, company and how many masks you would like to order?

Do you have a minimum order for custom orders?

Yes- our minimum order is 50.

Can I order a mask sample?

Yes!  Please send us your name, phone, company and email address and we would be happy to send you a sample.

Does the My Access Mask come in different sizes?

Yes- we have three sizes.  We have an adult size with the option of ear loops or ties.  We have a youth size (7-14) and child size (2-6)