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Accessibility. Communication. Community. Advocacy.

Our Core Values

  • Accessibility -My Access Mask started with improving the accessibility lens. It is the duty of each and every one of us, as Canadians, and truly as human beings, to do everything we can to make the world an accessible place for all, and to reflect that, we have integrated accessibility into the core design of our product.
  • Communication -My Access Mask design is to help improve communication during our mask wearing days.  This includes both verbal, and visually expressive communication which is one of the core ways  we interact with each other. During COVID-19 it can be incredibly hard to communicate, or interpret thoughts, and emotions, especially for those who are hard-of-hearing. Our product is designed to allow both verbal, and visually expressive communication while keeping you, and your loved ones, safe.
  • Community- My Access Mask all started with just the two of us making masks in our kitchen to donate to the local hospital, and although it has grown a lot since then our core values are absolute. Community has also been important to us, but even more so now when we all need each other more than ever.
  • AdvocacyMy Access Mask partners with other like minded organizations and advocate for better accessibility for those that need it.  

 How We Got Started

My Access Mask began as a family project that we took on in order to support our local Mississauga hospital. Sarah and Max hunkered down at their kitchen table, and started making masks to donate to anybody who might need one in their local community, but also specifically for the staff of their local Mississauga hospital. After receiving feedback from recipients of our first mask, Sarah and Max decided to implement a clear plastic "Access Shield" to the front of the masks in order to assist the hard-of-hearing community, and immediately heard back an over-whelmingly positive response, from all across Ontario! That was roughly five months ago and since then we have grown drastically, and the demand for a professional mask, with a clear shield, has not diminished since. 

Our non profit Como Foundation continues to donate masks and support organizations who need these masks for better communication and accessibility.

What's Next?

My Access Mask believes strongly in accessibility, and equal rights for everybody in the world, and as such, our goal is to provide Personal Protective Equipment that is inclusive to all peoples all across the world. Our website is currently finishing development that will allow for automatic shipments to be made worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe, accessible future, filled with smiles, to the entire globe!